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Service Description

To get a professional online store is very expensive! You have to pay for (store creation, hosting, maintenance and updates, linking electronic payment, linking shipping companies) and then wait until the programmer finishes the online store and then review and correct errors.
But with the electronic development, you can within a few days create your own store, and start the sale process at the lowest costs, with the presence of (technical support, continuous and renewable updates, linking electronic payment, linking with multiple shipping companies), without any commission on sales.

Rasil services for electronic solutions

• Consulting service.
• Executive service.
• Services Rasil Solutions, Found at www.rasil.me

General information about E-commerce services

1. Consulting service:

• The e-commerce advisory service is a service to help you choose the right package according to your needs and requests. *(That is, we do not offer electronic stores, but we help you to choose the appropriate store from various companies).
• We chose two strong companies that are suitable in services and prices.
• The cost of the advisory service will be matched with information and assistance for choosing the appropriate package.
• Two programs will also be added to create a design, and explain how to create an advertisement on Instagram.
• The cost of the service is 500 riyals for one time.

2. Executive service:

• Includes all that is mentioned on the consulting service.
• Add a customer's logo.
• Add 30 products (photos, description, price, quantity, weight, storage symbol, ...) of your own.
• Add your Definition pages (about us, terms and conditions, ...) of your own.
• Only one employee trained skills and skills for a whole year.
• The cost of the service is 3000 riyals for one time.

Starting Stages

E-commerce Service

First Stage
Analysis and Planning
Second Stage
Add Products and Categories
Third Stage
Start Selling