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Did you wonder how to create a private official email for your company or enterprise and your employees with a special corporate address as the rest of the big companies instead of free e-mails that don't have an Identification plate for your company when messages are sent to the other companies that do business with them. Most companies that ignore free mails while the official mail with the name of your website company's is being taken care of. Also adding your website to the cards and brochures as a corporate identity. Example of Email as mentioned on the previous example the name of company’s name. your name the Email After reserve the company name, you can create unlimited mail accounts for employees. For example, or Saudi Arabia Domain. This requires official company documents to be provided after request by contacting us.

You Can Work Smarter Using Custom Business Email

A professional and secure Email service is now more necessary than ever for the success of institutions. And whether you own a small or medium-company or run an enterprise organization, the Email hosted can help you and your team to increase productivity in the office, on the road, and on everywhere. The business Email service from Rasil Solution is a comprehensive solution that protects corporate regulations.

A business Email service from Rasil Solutions is a comprehensive solution that protects corporate and business systems from electronic threats by managing business Email traffic and regulating incoming Email messages by preventing unwanted messages, viruses, malicious software and other email threats.

Unparalleled Security And Privacy

Rasil solutions have advanced security and control features, with a reliable running time of 99.9%. so it benefits from processing a secure email that supports encryption when fixed and exchanged between the parties, as well as encrypting S/MIME messages.

Access To Custom Email

You can win the trust of customers by giving everyone in your company a dedicated email address to work in your domain, such as priya @ yourcompany and joe @ yourcompany. You can also create mailing lists for groups, such as sales@yourcompany.

Email On The Laptop

Act on your private messages even when you're away from your office, as mobile apps make it easier to keep in touch while moving and without effort.

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