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Service Description

IT talent search service is a professional consulting service to search for highly qualified candidates for high-level positions in the IT and software sector in the Middle East such as IT managers, computer programmers, data analysts, database administrators and data warehouse experts.

Efficiency service includes conducting preliminary screening of candidates, conducting detailed interviews for qualified candidates, presenting suitable candidates who meet all the required requirements of the client, and engaging in wage and benefits negotiations with the candidates.

The importance of Searching for competencies service

The competency search service saves the client (the business owner) time and effort in finding suitable computer specialists, as we have a large network of professional relationships and assessment skills in the field of employing competencies in information technology in particular. Our company operates with a high level of professionalism and confidentiality.

Service Package

1. Advanced Package

With this package, you will have access to our unparalleled talent group and the client will take a more active role in evaluating and screening candidates.

• A high-quality, targeted talent pool: We will advertise your vacancy in our large database of qualified candidates.
• Global Network: Our global network works day and night to maintain and retain our existing relationships with the best talent in the IT and software sector, to meet your research needs.
• Interview: We facilitate the process of assessment and interview of the candidate with your team, including debriefing.
• Offer: We provide consultations and wage negotiations to finalize the offer of employment.

2. Professional Package

A cost-effective way to reach the pool of qualified talent quickly and efficiently. Enjoy access to our big database of candidates and our global network of specialists.

• Initial recommendations: After speaking with you and analyzing your needs, we review your requirements for the desired candidate.
• Search: We use a variety of methods to reach a pool of qualified candidates, including those who are not currently looking for a job.
• Screening: We carefully check each candidate's profile before it is presented to you.
• Interview: We facilitate the assessment and interview process with your team, including debriefing.
• Offer: We provide consultations and wage negotiations to finalize the employment offer.
• Follow-up: After selecting the candidate and before appointment, we listen to your feedback and answer your questions.

3. Developed Professional Package

All the features in the professional package for the talent search service in addition to:

• Study and analysis: During this stage, a maximum of three meetings will be held with a human resources consultant, in which the title of the required job and the appropriate experience will be determined according to the actual need of the company. In the first meeting, the client listens to what he needs from the employee who wishes to appoint him. In the second meeting, a job offer is presented that contains: (job title - work tasks - experiences - expected salary). If the client approves, the search for the employee is started The required, or the proposal is amended, after which the third meeting is held and the amendments are presented.

Starting Stages

Searching for Competencies Service

First Stage
Receiving Job Offers
Second Stage
Search For Candidates
Third Stage
Screening Of The Candidates
Fourth Stage
Review Of Experience And Qualifications
Fifth Stage
Conducting Job Interviews
Sixth Stage
Submitting Job Offer