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Your success has been triggered by the design of a unique corporate website that expresses you and your commercial activity in a unique and creative way, our expertise in site design makes us offer service of fully professional corporate site design to meet all your needs to launch impressive success online, through corporate website design, creation and programming companies’ websites.

The Importance Of The Presence Of Your Company's Website

The presence of large, medium and small companies on the internet has become inevitable. That presence has become the capital of money for many of them. Users start looking for your company’s website to find out more about your brand and services, Or to find ways to communicate with you. So, if you haven’t set up a website for your company, you’re making a big mistake and you’re running too late for your competitors and you venture to lose a lot of potential customers, if you think there's no need to create a website or to have a presence online, these statistics that are revealed by the giant Weebly website that built 15 million global sites; it’s going to open up to the truth:

• 56% of the consumers won’t trust your work as long as you don’t have a website.
• 98% of business owners say a Facebook page for the company is not a substitute for the website.
• 58% of people think owning a website is the key to success when starting anything.
• 60% of customers get affected by frustration with sites that don't work well on smartphones or tablets.

On other important statistic from Hoy Suite Nearly half of the planet's population used the Internet in 2017 (3.77 billion), An estimated 4.92 billion people used smartphones. About 2.80 billion used social media networks. There is over than one billion websites on the Network including 12-24 million are online stores.

Access To A Larger Audience Through The Search Engine

The number of Internet users is increasing daily, and it is a suitable opportunity for entrepreneurs to attract the largest number of users and convert them into customers. More than 88% of Internet users search for sites, products and services on search engines. The company offices can be closed at the specific times for employees to leave, but the website is an office Open 24/7 and a great source of information allows visitors to instantly access your services and products, learn more about your company and get closer to its activities, keeping up with offers, reading articles, comment and write reviews etc. The internet is the first place people go now to find out what they want to know about Brands, through which they will be able to reach the local and global community without being restricted by any geography or timing.

Educate Your Customers About Your Brand

The presence of your company on the Internet in the midst of the highly competitive environment among companies on the Internet, is one of the most important reasons to educate customers, drawing their attention about your services and products, and enhancing their awareness of your brand. The content of your website or what you publish on social media networks can contribute to achieve desired understandings of your customers about your company more and to create a trusting relationship and a close relationship with them. Also explaining the unique features that make your company the best among competitors, and educating customers will make them feel that they are part of your brand value.

Your Website Is A Marketing Tool With Less Effort

A website can be an effective marketing tool for your business, promoting services and products by posting written and graphic content (video and images) that shows customers your services, descriptions or even how to use your products, allowing customers to find answers to their questions about the product on the site or on social media networks, adding direct technical support service is one of the powerful ways to support your marketing strategy, increase sales rates, and the comments written by customers on your site and their evaluation of the product, or their opinions that they exchange on your social media networks, encourage potential customers to make purchase decisions.

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