Terms and Conditions

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1. General Conditions

• All services provided by Rasil Solutions are used for lawful purposes only.
• The contract period is only one year start from the date of issuing the invoice. Renewal must be made at least 30 days before the end of the period.
• Prohibition of the transfer, storage or provision of any data or information for materials that violate the sanctity of Islamic law or the agreed laws and customs.
• We do not provide any side with any information about our customers unless it is an official government agency inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
• In the event of any dispute, we seek to reach solutions because we realize that the customer always has the right and strive for the best service for him. In the event that the internal solution is not possible, the customer reserves the right to litigate before the competent legal authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia according to the laws and the usage agreement.
• Rasil Solutions has the right to amend the terms of the agreement at any time, notifying existing customers.

2. The right of the customer

• Rasil Solutions pledges to provide the best services in terms of quality and work efficiency, to maintain customer achievement and to strictly adhere to the contracting period with clients.
• Providing the highest hosting stability.
• Maintaining customer personal data and not leaking it to any party, whatever it is without official written permission from a competent government or international authority, and the customer is notified of the matter.
• Maintaining the level of its services for all plans announced in the sites and special offers.
• In the event that the services stop at any time, we compensate the customer with an additional period equal to the period during which the service was stopped.
• Providing services on time agreed with the client, with the customer be careful in helping with that.

3. Refund policy

The refund policy is subject to the following conditions:
• The amount due for the remainder of the service period (11 months) is refunded.
• Transfer fees and bank and administrative expenses are deducted from the amount owed.
• The amount due is not refunded if the customer violates any of the terms and conditions agreed in the usage policy for the service provided.
• The amount due is not refunded 30 days after the date of receiving the service.
• The amount due after receiving the work is not refunded without any clear justification or default in the terms of the joint offer.
• The amount is only refunded based on a direct request from the customer and in an official written letter by email registered with us and after confirmation of the customer in person via a phone call to the phone number registered with us.

4. General obligations

• The customer is obliged to pay the service fee when requesting the service.
• If the customer wishes to renew, this must be done on the date due for the issuance of his invoice, and the customer must be notified of the renewal date at most one month in advance.
• In case have no desire to renew, we must be notified at least one month before the date of renewal, Keeping the backup copy for the customer to keep the data for only 10 days after the end of the contract period.
• The account is closed within 72 hours after the due renewal date has passed, and in the event that the customer wants to re-open the account or obtain a backup copy of his location, a fee of 150 Riyals is required to reopen the service.
• Rasil assumes no responsibility as a result of any error during money transfer or bank deposits.
• When depositing money in our accounts, you have to inform the Accounts Department to confirm the deposit process within a period not exceeding 72 hours.
• Rasil is not responsible for any commercial dealings outside of our email with anyone, and under any circumstances:
• The official website of the Foundation http://www.rasil.me
• Our links are as follows:
Official administration email: info@rasil.me
The Official sales email: sales@rasil.me
• We will never ask you to send information to our mail under any circumstances
• We reserve the right of refusing, termination or canceling any contract with us at our sole discretion.